Runaway slaves- Is she my Easter?

Scott County, Near Georgetown. Runaway, about the middle of September last, two negroes, one man which is about thirty-five years old, five feet six inches high, named HARRY, when he laughs he shews his teeth more than common, he talks slow, and with a down cast with his head when talked to, he doth not like to talk without he is talked to, he had on when he went away a Painter skin jacket, and other old clothes of country linen. The woman, she’s about thirty-five years old, she is a low woman of a yellow cast a little, when she walks she stoops forward, and when she walks her feet turn out more than common, she has large lumps in the middle of her feet, she has a scar on her upper lip, she has a long face, talks saucy when talked to, brasen look, she has a hat with a ribband around it, also a blue linsey coat, and a striped cotton one, she is named EASTER. They took with them a spotted dog, it is supposed that they will make for the settlement to Virginia, or over the river Ohio, I expect they have a forged pass with them. Any person or persons that will apprehend the same and secure them so that I get them again, or deliver them to Nathaniel Barker, living in Lexington Kentucky, shall receive a handsome reward, besides all reasonable charges paid by me, or Nathaniel Barker living in Lexington.  JEREMIAH WILLIAMS.
Source: Kentucky Gazette, 12 December 1798

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