Runaway slaves- Is she my Easter?

Scott County, Near Georgetown. Runaway, about the middle of September last, two negroes, one man which is about thirty-five years old, five feet six inches high, named HARRY, when he laughs he shews his teeth more than common, he talks slow, and with a down cast with his head when talked to, he doth not like to talk without he is talked to, he had on when he went away a Painter skin jacket, and other old clothes of country linen. The woman, she’s about thirty-five years old, she is a low woman of a yellow cast a little, when she walks she stoops forward, and when she walks her feet turn out more than common, she has large lumps in the middle of her feet, she has a scar on her upper lip, she has a long face, talks saucy when talked to, brasen look, she has a hat with a ribband around it, also a blue linsey coat, and a striped cotton one, she is named EASTER. They took with them a spotted dog, it is supposed that they will make for the settlement to Virginia, or over the river Ohio, I expect they have a forged pass with them. Any person or persons that will apprehend the same and secure them so that I get them again, or deliver them to Nathaniel Barker, living in Lexington Kentucky, shall receive a handsome reward, besides all reasonable charges paid by me, or Nathaniel Barker living in Lexington.  JEREMIAH WILLIAMS.
Source: Kentucky Gazette, 12 December 1798

Published by MsLadyJae

Joyceann Gray Retired US Army, Author of " Yes We Remember" and "Our DeWitty and Now We Speak" Independent Family Historian and Genealogist has a combined 40 years of service in the areas of communications, Real Estate Appraisal, and marketing. Her focus of combined colligates studies in Communications, Business Management, with a Masters in Psychology. Gray's historical and genealogical research is on her family movements from Virginia to Canada and Liberia. From Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Kansas to Nebraska and from Canada to Nebraska. All during the 18th through the 20th centuries. Her goal is to bring alive the stories of achievements and legacies that her ancestors left for present and future generations. She is an on going contributor to and also a founding member of the Charles Town Researchers. Her personal quote is “You cannot know where you are going until you know who you are, you cannot know who you are until you know who came before… It is only then you will find your Direction and Reason for being.” J. Gray Love of God Family and life! Married to my best friend, I enjoy traveling, researching our families histories and who they were as individuals, also I enjoy cooking and making my family happy.

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