Buxton Baptist Church

Information compiled by Shannon Prince & Margo Freeman

First Buxton Baptist Church circa 1950

Interior of Buxton Baptist Church
(circa 1950)


Buxton church (outside)

Sometime prior to the year 1840, a small number of Baptists settled in different parts of Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario. Wherever there were two or three Christian families in a settlement, they would hold house-to-house prayer meetings. These services resulted in the organization of a church about the year 1850, meeting from house to, house, as they did in the days of St. Paul.

As settlers increased their numbers, a church was erected at Concession 11 on the Talbot Road, now commonly called the Middle Road. This church was erected on a plot of ground sold to them for a nominal sum of five shillings by Mr. and Mrs. *George Hatter. The trustees were Alfred West, William H. Jackson, and Isaac Washington. Some of its deacons were George Hatter, Willis Hosey, and Joseph Burqes. Other charter members were Mrs. George Hatter, Mr. Jno Carter, and Mrs. Ellen Hosey.

This church was known as the South Buxton, or First Baptist Church, as Buxton was a tract of land consisting of 9,000 acres, extending north and south from Gore A (or the 7th Concession as we call it) to Lake Erie, and a blind line from east to west. Elder Lacy was perhaps the first pastor of this church. He carried on revival meetings and many newborn souls were gathered in the church.


George Walter Hatter is our GreatGrand Uncle

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