New and Important Blogs

This page will be dedicated to the ancestors we have yet to find. An important byproduct of others research is that they might have found our ancestors along the way. So collaboration is the key to breaking down our walls and finding the clues.

I will continue to update this list of blogs as I find them. 

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  1. Dear Mrs. Gray,
    I think Hamilton Hatter was uncle to William Cross of Berryville, VA. Have you ever made a link between the Hatter Family and the Cross Family. I hope you take the time to respond.
    W. Cross, Jr., PhD.


  2. We show little to none (under 1% native indian) on both the 23andMe and Ancestry tests. We were surprised, as were a lot of other folks apparently 🙂 – judging from everyone who was sure they had indian blood. I am curious though because we did have a lot of family that sure looked indian (or darker in coloration of skin). Supposedly, my Gr.Grandmother (Bolin) was part indian. Her family came from the TN area (in and around Giles Cnty). I’d done some studies on the Melungeon’s before we ever did DNA, as I found it interesting that the family had those who definitely looked to be (and claimed to be) indian, yet the census didn’t show anything other than “W”. Tennessee Clementine Bolin (Bolen) and various spelling of the name in family Census, father was Lorenzo Dow Bolen. Up the tree to the top was Yelly Bolen, who can only be traced back to TN, and moved the family to MO. How could I best find out more about this? J. Ann Madden


  3. I have 3 surnames on the grandmother Eva was a Shepherd and her mother was a Hicks by marriage but name was Bradley, also the Collins name is on my grandfather Stevens side…but I took DNA and do have 10 percent American Indian and a lot of Iberian. We knew something was up, because my grandmother rarely talked about her mother..she only said her mommy was a good cook and once she told us that her mom could not walk down a sidewalk but was supposed to go down the side of the street and could not go into the front of store, but had to go around back to buy..she refused to say she was Indian or anything else…all she said was her dad was Welsh..they moved from Floyd County Kentucky when she was just a girl to Okalahoma and then to OHio. I am currently searching all this out…very interesting…as for me..I am considered white, with dark hair and black color changes alot though…lol…especially now that I am in my 60’s.So just goes to show that not all is at it seems and just a note..23 and me showed no Indian blood but that is because they actually told me they do not test for it since most Indians migrated to south america and then back up north america…so I sent mine to Accumetrics to do…they only test for American Indian markers…you might try that.


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