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DeWitty Historical Marker

Dedication Ceremony for DeWitty Historical Marker Set for April 11, 2016

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Joyceann’s Corner – Franklin Hatter

Whatever the cause of George’s flight, his parting made things rather difficult for the remaining free and enslaved people of color. They found their movements restricted, and travel passes all revoked for quite some time. The custom was for slaves to share in the work around various family plantations depending on the time of the year for harvest production or planting. The slaves were hired out for a fee and in some cases transported in chains…….

Revelations through Research

An interesting but heartbreaking case. Please note that President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863,

Anderson Hatter sometimes called Andrew Hatter a free person of color,
supposed to be some thirty two or thirty three years of age, personally appeared in court and made application to the court to select Benjamin F Abell of the County of Albemarle, as his master, and to become a slave of the said Abell: and the court having examined the said Hatter, and the said Abell separately, and such other testimony as was introduced before it, in the presence of the attorney for the Commonwealth,
and being satisfied upon said examination, that no injustice was…..

Phase OneLooking for Land

The Search is On

Coming up on retirement for us presented a number of things to consider. Financial; our financial picture would be changed and become fixed income. Location; warm weather the older we get becomes a must have. Health/physical needs; Stairs are for youngsters, we need a ranch style home with family and personal needs and desired amenities…….

Finding the land

I got together a list of realtors and the only one who took me serious or wanted to be bothered with out of towners with a long-range plan was Sharon Rodgers,  Talk about a wonderful person, she was so patient, helpful and attentive. Each and every time we came down she was ready with a fist full of properties for us to see. Sharon was always prepared with answers to all our questions. We made three trips in 2017 and finally closed on a sweet piece of property in October of that year.  Sharon has become a dear friend of ours……..

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