The Buxton Liberty Bell

1850 from the Coloured Inhabitants of Pittsburgh to Rev. William King and the Coloured Settlers at Raleigh, Canada West – Presently hanging in the steeple of St Andrews Church, South Buxton.

The Bell rang out each time a fugitive reached safety in Buxton.

Raleigh, Canada.West. Dec., 1850

To the Coloured Inhabitants of Pittsburgh

Dear Brethren: –

We have received your letter dated the 23rd Nov., and the bell presented to the Rev. W. King for the Academy at Raleigh. We are delighted at all times to hear from the friends that we have left in a land of pretended freedom, and although separated in body, we are present with you in spirit; and we fondly hope that our prayers often meet before the throne of God for mutual blessings. We will endeavour to observe and practice the advice which you have kindly given us, by loving and serving God and obeying the laws of our Sovereign. We will not cease to implore the Divine Blessing on that Government which has given us liberty not only in name, but in reality. The Bell has been raised to the place erected for it, and for the first time the silence of our forest was broken on last Sabbath morn, by its joyful peals inviting us to the house of God. We would return to you our sincere thanks for this memorial of your kindness, and we trust that while its cheerful peal invites us to the house of prayer, we will then remember our brethren who are in less favourable circumstances; and our constant prayer will be that the Bible, the gift of God to man, may no longer be withheld from you by the unrighteous acts of professed Christian legislators; that the power of the oppressor may be broken, and that those who have long been held in bondage may be set free.

Signed by

Isaac Riley

William A. Jackson

On behalf of the Coloured Inhabitants of Raleigh.

3 thoughts on “The Buxton Liberty Bell

    1. “The original bell now hangs in the steeple of St. Andrews United Church, which was built in 1858. This replica of the Buxton Bell was created in 2007 and is dedicated to the courage and accomplishments of those who chose Buxton as their home. The Bell can be viewed and rung at the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum.” For more information please visit:


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