How our ancestors traveled


There was two ways to walk to Canada via the Underground Railroad. One way to enter was through New York and the other from Michigan. Thousands of runaway slaves walked the crossing over a natural stone bridge crossing the Detroit River to Amherstburg, Ontario. Sadly this bridge no longer exists but there is a memorial at the Buxton Museum in honor of all who walked across.

  • Walked from Charles Town, Virginia to Niagara, Canada -365 miles (1836
  • By wagon from Niagara, Canada to Elgin Settlement in Chatham-Kent, Ontario – 304 miles (1850)
  • Walked from Charles Town, West Virginia to Buxton – 533 miles (1878)
  • By wagon, rail and walking 1,718 miles from Buxton, Ontario to the Sandhills of Nebraska (by 1909)
  • Walked from Deep in Kentucky to Chillicothe, OH – well over 180 miles (1830)
  • Walked from Chillicothe, OH to Buxton, Ontario – Over 480 miles  (abt 1860)

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