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January 11, 2016    GREAT NEWS!! Dedication Ceremony for DeWitty Historical Marker  April 11, 2016. A dedication ceremony for a new Nebraska State Historical Marker in Cherry County commemorating DeWitty- Audacious, the state’s longest and most successful African-American rural settlement in the state of Nebraska at the site of the marker, near the Brownlee turnoff… Continue Reading →

William Roy Hayes

Joyceann Gray 6/27/2015 DeWitty-Audacious The Hayes family was there too! William Roy Hayes subjected to mustard gas in WWII had died before any of his grandkids were born.  We are told he wore a wide bandage around his stomach to hold everything in place. When he was young, he was quite a cowboy in the… Continue Reading →

Welcome Home

“It is a revered thing to see an ancient castle not in decay; how much more to behold an ancient family which has stood against the waves and weathers of time!” – Francis Bacon Each day I wake with renewed energy to bring to life the accomplishments and lives of our people who walked before… Continue Reading →

Joyceann’s Corner -Goldie

We are a family blessed with high achievers. Goldie is one such person but whom also possessed a loving nurturing nature. She left a positive and lasting impression on those who were fortunate enough to be in her life and a rich legacy for her descendants. Goldie Walker Hayes, was born in Overton, Dawson Nebraska… Continue Reading →

The Ceremony is upon us!

Historical Marker for DeWitty is remembrance of Nebraska’s largest and most well-known African-American rural community, off U.S. Highway 83 near Brownlee. DeWitty was the town that had the audacity to think they could, and so they did. Although the town didn’t survive and most of the land reclaimed itself, the legacy of those who… Continue Reading →

I’ve been a Busy Bee

I updated Dr. Jerome R. Riley’s story after some more research. So please go check him out again! Additionally, I completed 5 biographies  of Black Ambassadors for Two additional  biographies yet to be posted… stay tuned.. Something new to chat about is the Facebook page  developed concerning the erection of a… Continue Reading →

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