Common Melungeon Surname List

North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky

Adams, Adkins, Allen, Allmond, Ashworth,

Barker, Barnes, Bass, Beckler, Bedgood, Bell, Bennett, Berry, Beverly, Biggs, Bolen/Bowlen/Bolling/Bowling, Boone, Bowman, Badby, Branham, Braveboy, Briger/Bridger, Brogan, Brooks, Brown, Bunch, Butler, Butters, Bullion, Burton, Buxton, Byrd,

Campell, Carrico, Carter, Casteel, Caudill, Chapman, Chavis, Clark, Cloud, Coal/Cole/Coles, Coffey, Coleman, Colley, Collier/Colyer, Collins, Collinsworth, Cook(e), Cooper, Cotman, Counts, Cox/Coxe, Criel, Croston, Crow, Cumba/Cumbo/Cumbow, Curry, Custalow,

Dalton, Dare, Davis, Denham, Dennis, Dial, Dorton, Doyle, Driggers, Dye, Dyess,

Ely, Epps, Evans, Fields, Freeman, French,

Gann, Garland, Gibbs, Gibson/Gipson, Goins/Goings, Givens, Gowan/Gowen, Graham, Green(e), Gwinn,

Hall, Hammon, Harmon, Harris, Harvie/Harvey, Hawkes, Hendricks/Hendrix, Hill, Hillman, Hogge, Holmes, Hopkins, Howe, Hyatt,

Jackson, James, Johnson, Jones,

Keith, Kennedy, Kiser,

Langston, Lasie, Lawson, Locklear, Lopes, Lowry, Lucas,

Maddox, Maggard, Major, Male/Mayle, Maloney, Marsh, Martin, Miles, Minard, Miner/Minor, Mizer, Moore, Morley, Mullins, Mursh,

Nash, Nelson, Newman, Niccans, Nichols, Noel, Norris,

Orr, Osborn/Osborne, Oxendine,

Page, Paine, Patterson, Perkins, Perry, Phelps, Phipps, Pinder, Polly, Powell, Powers, Pritchard, Pruitt,

Ramey, Rasnick, Reaves/Reeves, Revels, Richardson, Roberson/Robertson/Robinson, Russell,

Sammons, Sampson, Sawyer, Scott, Sexton, Shavis, Shepherd/Shephard, Short, Sizemore, Smiling, Smith, Stallard, Stanley, Steel, Stevens, Stewart, Strother,

Sweat/Swett, Swindall,

 Tally, Taylor, Thompson, Tolliver, Tuppance, Turner,

Vanover, Vicars/Viccars/ Vickers,

Ware, Watts, Weaver, White, Whited, Wilkins, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wisby, Wise, Wood, Wright, Wyatt, Wynn

  1. I took a DNA test a couple of years ago and many of these names have shown up amongst my cousin matches surname list, especially Bass, Adkins, Castill, Carter, Dyes, Driggers, Goins, Sheppard and so many others. Thanks for posting.

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  2. I was raised not knowing anything of my fathers family, he died when I was 18 months old.

    I have EVERY characteristic of being of melungeon decent, shovel teeth, ridge at neck, disease, skin color, and the eye fold. All my mother would ever say is…I don’t need to know.
    My mother is very racist and maybe she didn’t know until after I was conceived or whatever, but she tells me nothing. I did take my fathers death certificate when she was unaware. I know is name was simply Bill Hall and his father name was Earnest Hall. No indication of his mother, but it was not Alma Hall his other wife.


    • My uncles name was Earnest Hall. I too have very little information about about my fathers family so if you would like to get in touch feel free to do so. My fathers name was Creed and his mothers name was Emma Jo Hall. They were from Roanoke Va


  3. I just checked your list of family names…found two
    from my grandmother Burton. From my mother Chapman. Thank you. Jan


  4. Teresa Landers

    My mammaw was a Smith , heard they Indians in there blood line.


  5. Teresa Landers

    But I seen the Smith name we’re Melungeons just trying to find out about my family history.


  6. Teresa Landers

    I think so


  7. Teresa Landers



  8. Annette Maichen

    I would be interested in this DNA I also have several of these sir names on my daughter dna


  9. I was born and raised in Big Stone Gap Va I am of mulungeon descent. Surname is Turner. Would love to hear more.


  10. Doby Quattlebaum

    I see you have the surname Quattlebaum in your files. My great grandfather was a Freeman of color in South carolina. My family has web page on Facebook. called Quattlebaum Nation: besides the Quattlebaum surnames, I see many other names on my family tree.

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  11. Melissa Nesbit

    Hello my name is Melissa Blevins Nesbit. My family grew up believing our Greatgrandma Skaggs was a Blackfoot Indian, My Fathers DNA shows otherwise. Turkish, Jewish, Italian, Syrian, Nigerian, My eldest cousin knows Great Grands maiden name. and we are talking and gathering info. Our grands are from Eastern KY our fathers were born there as well.


  12. Dawnie Houston

    Hi, on my fathers side I have Davis, Spillman and Ramey as well as Berry all from south eastern kentucky. My grandmother Margaret Davis is dark and had coarse hair. Always claimed to be cherokee but nothing in my research shows it. My dad and all his siblings are dark skinned with dark hair with some having blue eyes. 3 great grandmother Ramey who wasnt related to my grandmother Davis was also said to be black dutch. I am stuck on finding any census records or ethnic listings for these women. My grandmother Davis’s mothers was kitts and I have that line complete. However I hit a dead end on her father, Thomas Davis and his parents. Any suggestions?


  13. Laura Carson

    My 3rd great grandfather was called “Spanish Jim”. His name was James Turner born 1791 in Russell, VA. Is it possible he was Mulugeon? His grandfather may have been of African descent.


  14. Billy Denham EL

    I am a Denham..Been researching this info a great confirmation!

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  15. Cheryl J. Mendoza

    Hello. I am researching my family tree. And I also did a dna test. But I still need help.

    My great grandmother was Leona G. Phipps from Grayson County, Virginia. I believe that she was melungeon.

    If anyone knows anything concerning the melungeons from Grayson County, Virginia. Thanks in advance.


  16. Allen Braswell

    I am hoping to find out if there is any Melungeon history in from my past. I have attached some pics to this email of my great great grandfather, my 4th great grandfather, and my 4th great grandmother. Is there any way to find out if there is Melugeon in my history

    My great great grandfather was born in Hancock County, Tennessee He lived from 1852 to 1927 On the 1870 Census it says that he is Mulatto.

    Jackson Joel Gilliam is my 4th great grandfather, and he is from Scott County Virginia. On the 1870 Census it states that his race is Black.

    I don’t have much on my 4th great grandmother, She is from Scott county Virginia. She lived from 1818 to 1894, but I don’t have any info on her race


  17. Does that name ring any bells?


  18. I was wondering if you have any information on the Browns in or near Halifax County, NC and the border of Virginia? My great grandfather is Harris Brown, a Melungeon, and also has Portuguese ancestry, however I don’t have information past his father John Brown who married Eliza Ann Jenkins Richardson a
    “Native American” descendant. Any information would be great.


  19. Anything on the Coley’s or Mozingo’s.


  20. Any information on the Halls in Hertford County NC and Virginia. My mother and grandfather are directly from the Hall lineage. Where can I look to find more information?


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