Accomplishments of Our Ancestors

Hamilton Hatter        Hamilton Hatter Part 2

It is a revered thing to see an ancient castle, not in decay; how much more to behold an ancient family which has stood against the waves and weathers of time!” – Francis Bacon

   3-Hatter,_Hamilton-2000.14.150   Hamilton Hatter 

       Hamilton Hatter  ( 1856-1942)

Son of Franklin And Rebecca McCord Hatter

A graduate of Storer College in 1878, then Nichols Latin School at Lewistown, Maine.

Graduated Second Honor in Psychology, from Bates College in 1888

Professor at Storer College teaching Latin, Greek, and Mathematics

Started the Industrial Department of Storer College and erection of the main building

 In 1893, Hatter received the patent for an intricate machine that improves the harvesting of Indian corn.

 President of Bluefield College (1896-1906) The originally named the Bluefield Colored Institute

Bluefield College renamed their President house to Hatter house in 1999 in honor of Hamilton Hatter, which is now on the Historical Register.

Deeded land to Storer College

During the Spanish-American war, he was active as a Four Minute Man authorized by President Woodrow Wilson. (During the 4-minute intermission at theaters these men would stand before the audience and speak in support of the president’s policies.)

John Grant Pegg (1868-1916)     Hon John Grant Pegg   John Pegg Sr in the office 1914

Graduate of Freeman’s Academy at Dunlap, Kansas

Porter on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad passenger dining cars.

While working out of Chicago, John was an active and aggressive political figure, debating and sharing ideas with the likes of Edward Morris, (a prominent Black Chicago Attorney and politician) and the infamous Clarence Darrow (abolitionist and lifelong champion for the rights of Blacks in and out of the courts). John learned the finer points of political arguments and became prepared for the political life that awaited him in Omaha.

32nd degree Mason and a Shriner

Pegg was the Leading Colored Republican of the Western States Meet in Conference.

In 1906, he was appointment as the City Weights and Measures Inspector by J.C. Dalhman, Mayor of Omaha 1910.

Encouraged and Sponsored many of the  black settlers who went by wagon out to Cherry County, Nebraska to homestead benefiting from The Kincaid Homestead Act of 1904

James Augustus Page (1867-1917)  – No photo available –

Graduate of Howard University Medical School 1906

Gaitha Adolphus Page (1879-1970)   Prof Gaitha Page

Graduate of Kansas Normal School (1899) which later became  Emporia State University

Field of study was the historiography and historical method

Teacher at Buchanan High School  (1901-)

Professor of the Quindaro School System

President of City  Athletic Tournament, Topeka, KS

Helped to maintain his father’s Shoe & Bootmaking business in Kansas City, MO


William WalkerWILLIAM PARKER WALKERWilliam P Walker and 1st wife Sarah Kersey(2)  William Parker Walker  (1836-1931)

Sailor on Great Lake Steamers – helped runaway slaves  reach Canada

Postmaster of Buxton-Kent, Ontario, Canada and Farmer

Walker was Superintendent of the Sunday School and leader in the prayer meeting services. An important thing about this church was the fact that there were many denominations represented, but all joined in the services and supported the one church.  

Homesteader, in Nebraska in the 1860’s – Purchased 160 acres under the Scrip Warrant Act of 1855 (BOLM # 29117) Purchased 1,920 more acres in 1913 & 14. He became the Community Veterinarian with a special touch for the horses.

 Forrest Muriel Stith (1910-1986)     Rev. Forrest Muriel Stith

U.S. Army chaplain

Retired United Methodist Bishop Forrest Stith discusses his role in producing “Songs of Zion,” an African-American hymnal of the United Methodist Church. He spoke weeks before a Dec. 2011 dinner in Washington, D.C., honoring his 53 years of ministry and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the African-American Methodist Heritage Center.  Author of “Sunrises and Sunsets toward Freedom” and “Orange Morgan’s 38,325 Mornings

Watch and listen to him on

Goldie Glyola (Walker) Hayes (1897-1956)  Goldie Walker-Hayes

Kearney State Normal in Kearney County, Nebraska and Black Hills Teachers College (Spearfish Normal) at Spearfish, S.D.   

Wife of William Roy Hayes, Veteran of WWII

Audacious, Cherry County, Nebraska Teaching school in District 164 – her brother George A. Riley  was the Director

Valentine, Cherry, Nebraska, Elected as the Cherry Co. Rural Teachers Delegate to the General Assembly.

Norris, Nebraska, Principal of School – (4 room building! A kitchen, her office, two classrooms.) 

John Gilbert Pegg (1904-1979)      Family photo copies 37

Army Ordinance Training Officer,

Served on the Cleveland · Cuyahoga County Port Authority in 1971, a member of Tau Boule ( a professional Minority Business Men’s Association)

Original Director of the First National Bank Association

Co-Author of  Lina Derritt, Petitioner, v. State Board of Real Estate Examiners. U.S. Supreme Court Transcript of Record with Supporting Pleadings

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