The Buxton Liberty Bell

1850 from the Coloured Inhabitants of Pittsburgh to Rev. William King and the Coloured Settlers at Raleigh, Canada West – Presently hanging in the steeple of St Andrews Church, South Buxton. The Bell rang out each time a fugitive reached safety in Buxton. Raleigh, Canada.West. Dec., 1850 To the Coloured Inhabitants of Pittsburgh Dear Brethren:… Continue Reading →

Buxton Baptist Church

Information compiled by Shannon Prince & Margo Freeman Interior of Buxton Baptist Church (circa 1950)   Sometime prior to the year 1840, a small number of Baptists settled in different parts of Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario. Wherever there were two or three Christian families in a settlement, they would hold house-to-house prayer meetings. These… Continue Reading →

Joyceann’s Corner – Riley

My next episode is on another family member that has contributed to our rich legacy. Jerome R. Riley, MD 1843-1929 Medical Doctor, Author, and Political and Civil Rights Activist. Jerome was the Second son of Isaac and Catherine Riley (the first settlers of the Elgin Settlement in Buxton, Ontario, Medical Doctor, Author, and Political and… Continue Reading →

My never ending Bibliography

Bibliography for researching Joyceann Gray – Ailes, J., & Tyler-McGraw, M. (2011, December 1). “Leaving Virginia for and Marie Tyler-McGraw. “Jefferson County to Liberia: Emigrants, Emancipators, and Facilitators.” Jefferson County Historical Society, 43-76. Library of Congress.. Antebellum Period. (n.d.). History Net: Where History Comes Alive. Retrieved July 27, 2014, from Burton, A. L.,… Continue Reading →

My Research Library to date

Black History Books on my shelf   African American Topeka – Sherri Camp African Canadians in Union Blue – Richard M. Reid Annie’s Trip to Grandma’s – Barbara Rose Page A North-side View of Slavery The Refugee – Benjamin Drew Baby Steps to Freedom – Joyce Middleton Black Women of the Old West – William… Continue Reading →

The Hatter Brothers – Franklin

            Whatever the cause of George’s flight, his parting made things rather difficult for the remaining slaves; their movements restricted, and travel passes all revoked for quite some time.            The custom was for slaves to share in the work around various family plantations depending on… Continue Reading →

Common Melungeon Surname List

As time permits my intention is to research as many of these families as I can. Please contact me if you have any information you would like to share or questions. I have added links to certain names that I have more information to share. North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky Adams, Adkins, Allen, Allmond, Ashworth,… Continue Reading →

Walker Family History

This family history begins with Ann a runaway slave from Kentucky, who  ran and walked  a long chilling and desperate journey until she reached Chillicothe, OH. Once there, she was befriended by the Walker family, (Quakers). She felt safe there finding freedom and peace.  Can anyone imagine being a girl all alone traveling in such… Continue Reading →

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