“Finding the land”

I got together a list of realtors and the only one who took me serious or wanted to be bothered with out of towners with a long-range plan was Sharon Rodgers,  Talk about a wonderful person, she was so patient, helpful and attentive. Each and every time we came down she was ready with a fist full of properties for us to see. Sharon was always prepared with answers to all our questions. We made three trips in 2017 and finally closed on a sweet piece of property in October of that year.  Sharon has become a dear friend of ours.

Sharon Rodgers

I took pictures of us walking our property.

I took pictures of us walking our property.

Finding a Contractor

Finding a partner in our contractor that would take on our dreams and visions and make them their mission is rare and profoundly emotional. I still get glassy eyed thinking about those first meetings and feeling so blessed.

The same day we closed we met Brad Murray from CB Murray Construction Company, another special individual. Trust me, I exhausted the list of contractors recommended by the bank who were approved to work with Veterans, again it was the same thing as with Sharon. Brad was the only one who showed any interest in dealing with out of towners, Veterans and the VA loan process. Brad was a good fit and left us feeling like we were on the right track from the moment we met him. Same good feeling like we had with Sharon. Sharon worked closely with us for over 8 months until we found what we were looking for. Brad did the same thing in working closely with us for over the next year and three months until we finally were able to cut the ribbon and break ground.

More to come…..

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