Hatter Family


The earliest Hatter found so far is Frances Hatter b.1735, he was originally from the West coast of Africa. Our largest DNA concentration is from Benin/Togo.Frances Hatter freed after the death of John and Elizabeth Ariss, along with Charlotte  and Sarah. All slaves of this 1700 group maintain the name of Hatter Slaves.

We found that Charlotte by the time she was freed, had four sons John, Reuben, George, and James. James and Reuben had been sold to Samuel Walter Washington, who in turn reluctantly sold Reuben to Christian Blackburn, who sent him and his wife Elizabeth after manumitting both to Liberia. click here for more on them in Liberia.Reuben Hatter

James was a jack of all trades and ensured his position by being efficient and hard working.He jumped the broom with Matilda and they had numerous child but we can only speak on George b. 1818 and Franklin b 1820.

2 thoughts on “Hatter Family

  1. I am working on my deceased African American husband’s genealogy, and as I work through the names of also deceased family members that I heard him talk about, I am curious about where they “originated”. There are a number of DeWitty’s – some with conflicting spellings, so I started out to see if I could just find some thing that would tell me the correct one, and possibly also find an origin. I’ve stumbled into your website, and can’t help but feel the “coincidence” . . . but I don’t see DeWitty in your list of family names. Curious to know if anyone at your organization can enlighten me further?


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