Putting the pieces of the puzzle together!

Hatter photo's

“Nov. 11, 1855 – Emily Hatter, George William Hatter, Hamilton Hatter, Sarah Frances Hatter – children of Frank Hatter, a colored man of Mr. A. Hunter.”

Hatter children baptized Barbara Ellen Hatter Died 1858

Sarah Brown, Descendant of John Augustine Washington
“I wandered into the Zion office to see if the Washingtons sponsored any baptisms of those they enslaved. They gave me an old ledger. I thought it might shed some light on the Sanders/Saunders family. Lo and behold, the second or third page listed the Hatters, big as day. I don’t have enough Hatter info memorized to know if this support or conflicts with what you found previously. But at any rate, it’s a fascinating twist on your story. So glad I noticed it!–I’m going back with my cell tomorrow. The Zion Episcopal Church is in Charles Town, and where most of the 19th & 20th century Washingtons are buried.”
I was just reading a history of the church, and as was the sad custom, the black congregants sat in the balcony. Then some benefactors built a separate church for blacks, “St. Phillips.”
the second picture has the notation of July 10, 1858, Barbara Ellen Hatter died.

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