I Found this on Black time Travel- “The Invention of the White Race”


There are some people who love Raven Symone for being outspoken, but then there are those who simply wish she would just stop talking. This week on “The View,” Symone said that she would rather not see Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill because ” we need to move a little bit more forward.” Symone feels that Rosa Parks is a better reflection of the progress that America has made, and Tubman (“closer to the progression that we’re doing now), to Symone is just an ugly reminder of America’s racist past.

Some of the comments were strikingly informative, here’s one exchange:

  • Aqeel Furqan · Top Commenter · 

  • Madeline Rose · 

    So what if she think‘s she’s “white” what even if She WAS? That’s really racist to say. 
  • Deborah Martin · Top Commenter 

Madeline Rose Why are you here on this site speaking of things you have no clue of? This is not a joke. The humanity of displaced Africans whom Raven descends from has been denied and maligned for centuries and we’ve had enough. Don’t waste your time here. Go to some other site where they make non-issues important. This would suit you far better. If you wish to learn a little something read the books “How the Irish Became White” and “The Invention of the White Race”. The idea of being White was invented, in order to control the solidarity of labor on tobacco plantations in Virginia in the 1690’s. The groups that were divided were made up of many different laborers from many different places in Europe and Africa and they were called Indentured Servants. This includes the Africans there. All of those people aligned together proved a power threat to the English in power as bond labor holders reaping huge benefits off of the tobacco industry. English, with their ancient fights with the Irish and Scottish called the Irish a race in order to justify their oppression and then spun it to apply to the Africans who had so much ancient knowledge that they were the desirable workers. When desperate Europeans came to other parts of Africa, the Native Indigenous world and Asia they NEVER met starving, homeless people with no culture. Instead, they met people with cultures and practices more ancient than Europe itself. Let’s be clear, the afro pick is 6,000 years older than the oldest thing in China and the River Ganges in India is named after and ETHIOPIAN warrior King named Ganges. Europeans and their ways are destructive. No one in the world needed Europeans for ANYTHING. It was the starving desperate homeless European whose economic system leaves things in shambles that needed everyone else. 

For Raven and the others to wear this blond mess in their hair and acquiesce to a culture of propaganda that keeps pushing that we’re not good enough and that the invented idea of White is superior and we have keep being hit all the time.
One day Raven will be told by one of your kind that she’s not White and it will be a bitter revelation because this always happens. This time around, betrayed Blacks are learning to stop being so damned forgiving. The Black men that run after you are learning that they cannot transcend their Black reality by mixing with you and that the Black women who remind them of this situation are not the reason for the cop who will kick them in the head for fun and profit if they’re being paid a monetary incentive to get as many Black men into jails which are ‘for profit’ institutions. Those Black men who run behind you will learn the hard way that they cannot ignore the work that needs to be done and some will realize that they simply didn’t know what they could do to make a change. By the time, they realize this they will realize they’ve wasted time tearing apart the Black family rather than fighting to keep it going forwards.
You with your weightless reasonings don’t even realize why you are here talking nonsense about Black idiots being okay with thinking they’re White when they malign forebearers like General Harriet Tubman who fiercely sought to end this hell for people who looked like her.

Did you genealogist and historians know this?

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