The Pegg Family

In wondering how we got the name Pegg, my research has been exhausting to say the least. I have learned that our association with the name Pegg is like putting a puzzle together. But I am getting closer to solving the puzzle, I think!  One funny note is Pegg’s lived in Loudoun County, VA as did our Hatters and now over 150 years later my family and I live in Loudoun County VA. Part of my research has led me to this is an excerpt from

The following information was attached to an e-mail dated 9 March 1999 from Carolyn Westberry to Ronald Whitney.

The Pegg Family

By all accounts, the Pegg family is of English origins. The Descendants of William Wolf and Mary Magdalene Bewers Wolf, GG929.2W832WX, 1988 as obtained from the Ft Wayne Public Library contains notes on the Pegg ancestry which are of interest even though our Peggs were in America earlier than those listed in this text. “William Pegg of St Ives, Huntingtonshire, England signed a document on Nov 19, 1719, arranging to go to Maryland in the British colonies. At the time of signing, he was nineteen years of age, making the date of his birth at 1700. He had been born in the reign of William and Mary II, and left his native land during the reign of George I. St Ives, which is known to all children because of the nursery rhyme…is in Cromwell country and since there is record of a Pegg being a pikeman in Cromwell’s army, one might assume that the family had been of that political persuasion. A pikeman was a soldier armed with a long wooden shaft with a pointed steel head….Financially it turned out not to be a rewarding stand to take, and may have some bearing on the fact that the William Pegg who, two or three generations later, was migrating to Maryland was a very poor man. About 1743 he was buying land in Kent Co. Delaware, and records now in the courthouse at Dover show that more or less on the eve of our American Revolution, he was selling his land piecemeal….It is interesting to note that the other Peggs of Derbyshire were Royalists, and prospered after the restoration of Charles II. Catherine Pegge, daughter of Sir Thomas Pegge, was one of the mistresses of Charles II, and mother of his son Charles Fitz Charles….The children of the immigrant William Pegg and his first wife Margaret seem to have been Samuel, Mary, Valentine, Martin and the twins James and John. Of these, Samuel settled in South Carolina, Mary married into the Foote family, Valentine and Martin, who were Nicholites in religion, moved to Guilford Co., North Carolina. A John Pegg fought in the Revolutionary War.”   (Could Valentine and or Martin be the Peggs who enslaved my Willis Pegg?).

Clerissa Tatterson’s work on the Poland/Poling/Polen families stated that Nathaniel Polen Sr of Harrison Co Oh was a twin to Wm Polen of Jefferson Co Oh. The twins are listed as the sons of Wm and Hannah (Pegg) Polen and are said to have been born in Monmouth Co NJ in 1769. They had an older sister named Sarah by some references and Elizabeth by others. Hannah is said to have died at the birth of her twins and their father took them all to Loudon Co Va to the home of his father (claimed by Mrs. Tatterson to have been Samuel). The father Wm died at a young age in Loudon Co (Tatterson) and the children lived with their GF Samuel for several years but were later adopted into other families due to Samuel’s advancing age (Tatterson). The twins were warded to their Uncle Nathaniel Pegg and later inherited his farm. This court order is of record in Loudon Co Va and does then confirm that their mother was nee Pegg.

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