Finding family is really a wonderful thing

Well folks it has been a minute since my last post so here’s an update:

Our internet was down for about 3 days and that slowed all my research to a grinding halt! So the backlog of work to do is high but I’m chipping away at it ! Yes long hours!

Next I have been actively writing biographies on Black Ambassadors for the impressive online encyclopedia. I was very honored to be asked to do these 8 Ambassadors; Sue K. Brown, Montenegro, 2011-Present -Ann Forrester-Holloway, Mali, 1979-Gayleatha B. Brown, Benin, 2006-Sylvia Gaye Stanfield,Brunei Darussalam, 2002-Barbara M. Watson,Malaysia, 1981-Ruth Washington,Gambia, 1989-Leslie M. Alexander, Mauritius, 1993, Ecuador, 1996-Bernadette Allen, Niger, 2006!     So stay tuned and I’ll let you know when they get posted.

A couple of days ago Catherine (cousin) informed a few of us that she got word that there was a movement to have a landmark erected in remembrance of the homesteaders in the Dewitty community in Nebraska.  So Marcia and Catherine and myself started up a Facebook group which exists to highlight the lives of our ancestors – the DeWitty, Nebraska Homesteaders – who worked so hard to leave a rich legacy for us and future generations. We also plan to ensure that our voices are heard in the process of getting the landmark erected. We are not only hopeful but determined to see this happen.

Another great find is locating the platt maps of the land owners and by doing so I’ve been able to make the connection with my great great grandfather Joseph Birch and his father Daniel Birch on my maternal side.

So back to the grind… Oh and Sarah Brown  has a new blog up and running: BitterSweet Linked through slavery @         Check it out!

More later…..cya

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