I Found Some New Leads

This past weekend I recieved two emails inquiring about the Gibson/Gipson side of the family! both are through marriage that we have a common bond.

It is so much fun  and very rewarding to connect with people and working the linage until you find the connections. Although sometimes it may just end up the relation is only  through marriage, still I consider the new additions as Cousins Discovered!!!  

 Take for instance My association with Monique Crippen-Hopkins, we started out as just members of the same Facebook online group Our Black Ancestry.  Through that group with the help of  my cousin Shelley Murphy’s introduction ,we found that the three of us were looking for family in the same small town of Charles Town West Virginia.  Charles Town, West VirgininaAs  a result  we not only found one connection but four (4) different connections through the years:

Henrietta Richardson (1897) who married George Hatter Cross (1880)

The son of Sarah (Fannie) Francis (Hatter)(1850) who married in 1871 William Cross (1845)

Margaret C. Thompson (1894) who in 1931 married Eugene Godfrey Cross (1898)

Also the son of Sarah (Fannie) Francis (Hatter) Cross.

Fannie C. Thompson (1892) who in 1933 married Chester Reed Cross (1892)

Also the son of Sarah (Fannie) Francis (Hatter) Cross

Gelettia Sturgis Richardson married John Rufus Cross

Also son of Sarah (Fannie) Francis (Hatter) Cross.

William A. Thompson (1882) who married Rebecca Farrell (1880)

The daughter of Franklin & Rebecca Hatter; Emily (Hatter) (1848) married (1871) Lorenza Farrell (1836)

Emily is sister to Sarah).

  • Monique claims the Thompson’s, Farrell’s  and the Richardson’s 
  • I claim the Hatter’s and the Cross’s 

This was Great!!